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So I discovered that I don't like writing my Bio*.  I'm stating this super mildly, because I dont want to freak people out when they idly click on my "about me" button, wondering, no doubt, who is the person behind Storyologie, and what's her deal anyway? A perfectly legit question, curiosity is a good thing. (Unless it's killing cats. That would be bad.)
I mean, I wouldn't want these hypothetical, curious, idly-clicking, innocent readers to be swamped by an evil wave of bitterness, invective, and rage, right? So I'm restraining myself. Wouldn't wanna be a cat killer. We all know where that leads.

I flirted with the idea of inventing a persona for myself, complete with (awesome/intriguing) history, non awkward and non socially back-ward personality, much larger bank account, and a sweet cabin-in-the-woods setting. You would know me as Lady Pendlecotte, and I would be kind, wise, an artistic genius, humble, and a great baker.
Ah, well.

I eventually decided that I gotta stick with what I know. Which is this: I'm awkward, creative, messy, and I procrastinate a LOT. I love reading ( it has become a dangerous addiction, seriously, ask my husband and kids), writing, and playing with art supplies.
My car is too small and too old to be cool; so is my house, it's practically falling down around us. But here's the thing: we live a block from a turquoise-water-and-white-sand beach- I can hear the ocean, and kids at the beach hollering, through my open window. Which, incidentally, stays open all year, day and night, because, umm, yeah, I live on a tropical island.
So, if you hear me complaining about my life on this blog be sure to shoot me an email telling me to shut the hell up.
That's it. Me, in a (slightly larger than I originally intended) nutshell.

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if you want to pinterest me (it's a sickness people, if you haven't started, don't.)

(*and shouldn't it be called an Auto, seeing as I have to write it myself?)

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